World Marine Aids To Navigation (WAtoN) Day to be celebrated on 1st July 2019

IALA, the International Association of Marine Aids to Navigation and Lighthouse Authorities is to celebrate World Marine Aids to Navigation (WAtoN) Day on 1st July 2019.

The WAtoN Day will create greater awareness among the wider public of the role of Marine Aids to Navigation and IALA’s technical work in enhancing the safety of navigation worldwide.

The main event will be in Palma de Mallorca, Balearics Islands hosted by Puertos del Estado, the Spanish Government owned company that manages state owned ports. The event will consist of a number of activities such as exhibitions, an open doors day and conferences to be held in different parts of Spain.

Marcel Tetu, President of the Industrial Members Committee (IMC) of IALA says “We encourage manufacturers and distributors of marine AtoN equipment and organizations providing marine AtoN services or technical advice, to use this occasion to communicate IALA’s role among customers and stakeholders.”

Vesper Marine’s Guardian System proactively protects subsea and surface marine infrastructure from vessel damage. Jeff Robbins, CEO, said “We are committed to protecting people, property and the environment and as a technical contributor and supporter of IALA we wish to raise awareness among our clients in Energy, Offshore Wind, Power Transmission, Telecommunications, Ports and Coastal Authorities.”

The General Assembly of IALA at its 13th session, decided to celebrate the WAtoN Day every year, with the first in 2019 (Resolution A13-04) and the date chosen was the founding date of IALA.

Established in 1957, the International Association of Marine Aids to Navigation and Lighthouse Authorities, IALA, is a non profit, international technical association. It gathers marine aids to navigation authorities, manufacturers, consultants, and scientific and training institutes from across the globe to exchange knowledge for the improvement and harmonization of maritime navigation services worldwide.

IALA has established technical committees bringing together experts from around the world to contribute to a reduction of marine accidents, increased safety of life and property at sea, as well as the protection of the marine environment.

Vesper Marine’s Guardian System creates Virtual Aids to Navigation to alert marine vessels of assets in the ocean and proactively warns them on their navigation system if there is a risk of an accident.

IALA fosters the safe, economic and efficient movement of vessels through the improvement and harmonization of marine aids to navigation worldwide.