Capt. Scott Goodwin

BD Outdoors

"The installation was pretty simple...[and the] speaker is nice and clear with plenty of volume"



Ben Stein


"I’ve had the opportunity to try out Cortex demo systems a couple of times recently and I think Vesper is on to something. They’ve done a really nice job understanding how a boater will use the device and making Cortex simple and intuitive. The handset feels good in the hand, is well balanced and seems easy to use with one hand."



Ben Ellison


"I can not emphasize enough how easy it is for a Cortex owner to keep the hardware and apps up to date as Vesper fine tunes and builds out the system features. It basically just happens as long as your app device is online from time to time, fully automatic for the apps and with appropriate options for the hardware."



Randy Vance

Marlin Magazine

"a ­valuable tool for fishing buddies in ­separate ­vessels."



Theo Stocker

Yachting Monthly

"Quality and functionality were all top notch. It felt solid and rugged, worked well when wet and not at all vulnerable."




Mark Corke


"After using the Cortex on my boat for the last few months, I'm impressed. On the face, it looks like many other electronic black boxes found on pleasure boats. But it's what's going on "under the hood" that makes the difference."





Lenny Rudow

IBEX Innovation Awards Judge

“’s not a VHF radio…but it is. It’s not an AIS…but it is. It’s not a MOB system…but it is, and it’s a whole lot more”




David Schmidt

Yachting Magazine & Cruising World

"Cortex is poised to be an onboard technological juggernaut."

"like the iPhone, Cortex uses highly parallel multichannel architecture and a graphically rich, pinch-to-zoom touchscreen interface"



Capt Steve Larivee

"It truly is groundbreaking and quite remarkable.  It’s also user-friendly so that it begs to be played with. The more you play with it, the more you realize just how remarkable it actually is.  I spent 10 minutes with it during a test and was blown away. I realized immediately that this changes everything. I know I’ll never look at VHF the same way.  And I suspect that neither will you."



Nigel Calder

SAIL Magazine & Pittman Innovation Award Judge

"The ability to just touch the screen and call up directly another boat is a pretty neat feature”



Tor Johnson

Writer & Photo Journalist

"I’ve just delivered a new Hanse 458 from San Diego to Hawaii, and the vessel recently had the Cortex unit installed by Upgrade Marine there. I was amazed at the range of the unit, far better than the one on my boat.

The Cortex Onboard app worked flawlessly and my crew and I were able to keep a better watch and stay safer thanks to that.”