Dealers and Installers love Cortex,
here's why.


Doug Miller

Milltech Marine

President and Founder

Port Orchard, WA, USA

"About once a decade a truly revolutionary product appears in the marine electronics space that changes the solution landscape. Vesper Marine have done this not just once but at least twice. About a decade ago the Vesper XB8000 AIS transponder with Wi-Fi support came on the market and changed how we interacted with marine electronics and AIS by allowing popular mobile devices and apps to easily connect wirelessly to the XB8000 giving users a whole new world of safety and monitoring capabilities.

And now with the Cortex, Vesper has done it again. The Cortex is truly unique with its tightly integrated combination of a Class B+ AIS transceiver, VHF DSC radio, collision alerts, anchor alarms, remote monitoring and control, marine network multiplexing, VHF antenna splitter and support for wireless handsets and mobile devices. All in a single, easy to install device. Using it with existing multifunction displays and other devices is easy as well – just add the Cortex to your existing NMEA 2000 network or use NMEA 0183 for older devices. Having the ability to add additional wired or battery-powered handsets gives boat owners a lot of flexibility for future upgrades. Not only is Cortex incredibly functional – it is also fun to use. One other unique feature of the Cortex is it is a software-based platform meaning new future functionality can be added through a simple over-the-air software update as opposed to having to replace hardware. We have seen this in action as customers have asked for new features, such as connecting to existing boat networks, and Vesper have been quick to address and implement these types of new features.

Milltech Marine was one of Vesper’s first full-service dealers and we have watched the company innovate and deliver ground-breaking products time and again over the past 14 years. In the case of Cortex, there is nothing else even close to it in the market. We look forward to doing our part to help Vesper get the unique safety, communications and monitoring features that are part of Cortex into the hands of more boaters over the coming years."


Morgan Brodie

Lusty & Blundell

OEM Sales Manager

Tauranga, New Zealand

"We truly believe that Cortex is a revolutionary product, and light years ahead in the game. Our customers appreciate the high quality feel of the handsets and its friendly usability. Cortex resembles a smartphone but is unique and unlike any other VHF in the market. Another key feature our customers like is the real-time communication with any vessel through the App. They have full confidence in the anchor drag alerts, and using GPIO for shore power and bilge monitoring. This product is the essence of Kiwi ingenuity and Vesper is leading the way by combing AIS, VHF and Monitoring!"


Bill Nieman (Boat Guy Bill)

North Pacific Yachts

Boat Builder

Seattle, WA, USA

"I am the Build Manager for North Pacific Yachts, so I have been enthusiastically suggesting Cortex to our new boat buyers. For context, the Cortex system is a $350 upgrade from the less integrated items we have been installing (including the AIS8000). A no brainer IMHO. I am so glad that Vesper is just making this better and better. And that sites like Panbo are giving context for its use. In other news, I am close to justifying a Cortex on my own boat!"


Michael Joplin

Joplin Solutions, LLC

Technical Installer

Kemah, Texas, USA

"The customer is highly pleased with Cortex. He was doubly pleased when he realized the Cortex is also a wireless NMEA gateway allowing him to display AIS and depth on his iPad running the Navionics boating app. From a communications perspective, it is the cleanest/clearest sounding VHF that I’ve ever used. From my viewpoint, the installation of the Cortex is much simpler than installing separate monitoring, VHF, and AIS units and working to get all communicating correctly. Easy installation and happy customer – it doesn’t get much better from an installer’s perspective. The experience has helped facilitate the sales of my next two units, which are already in house."