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Safeguard your undersea fiber cables

Protecting Telecommunication Assets

Global telecommunication companies with submarine cables are often confronted with the possibility of damage. A ship dropping anchor on the cables or dragging its anchor puts these cables at risk of damage.

By using Guardian from Vesper Marine, telecommunication companies can protect their cables from accidental damage due to anchor strikes. Virtual aids to navigation or virtual buoys mark the cable zones for vessels to see them on their onboard navigation systems. Vessel behavior is monitored by Guardian for signs of anchoring and automated messages based on smart rules are sent to the vessels on their navigation systems to take corrective action.

Areas of Protection

Fiber Optic Cables – Near Shore

Protect near shore telecommunications cables from damage by commercial fishing vessels and ship anchor strikes.

Deeper Fiber Optic Cables

Fishing and commercial ships that operate further from the shore are potential threats to cables. Protect them when coverage range allows.

How it works


“Anchor strikes will soon be regarded as events from a bygone era.”

Gil C. Quiniones, President and CEO

New York Power Authority

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