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Safe and efficient navigation of ships around natural and manmade hazards near ports.

Protecting vessels from dangerous hazards

Ports use Guardian to mark shipping lanes, natural hazards like reefs, manmade hazards like wrecks or spills, marine wildlife, dangerous underwater terrain and many more situations that could endanger ships. This helps safe and efficient movement of vessel traffic around ports. Safe ports also help growth of commercial traffic and increase profitability.

Our clients like Ports of Auckland, Port of Napier, King Abdullah Port and Port Maputo create virtual Aids to Navigation (virtual AtoNs) that make hazards visible to marine traffic. Vessels see these hazards on their navigation systems and can navigate safely.

Areas of Protection

Natural hazards

Prevent collisions with reefs, shellfish beds, ice or moving sandbars which could threaten the safety of people and marine vessels.

Shipping channels

Manage shipping activity in difficult navigation zones and changing weather conditions.

Man made hazards

Keep vessels safe from collisions with shipwrecks and running into oil spills.

How it works


“The deployment of Virtual AtoNs to remote locations is a very cost effective means by which to increase navigational safety”

Nigel Meek, Senior Pilot

Ports of Auckland

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