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Guardian has been successfully deployed to proactively protect the highest risk section of EAC2 Cable.


  • Telstra has used AIS since 2013 to reduce unplanned subsea network impacts.
  • Cables in the Singapore Strait are particularly at risk with more than 2,500 vessels and 11 million metric tons of cargo movement every week.
  • Despite using manual monitoring and intervention, incidents still occur, resulting in damage to these cables.
  • Telstra sought a proactive solution to further improve their network resilience.


  • Guardian:protect marks Telstra’s EAC2 Cable with Virtual Aids to Navigation (VAtoN) that are visible on vessels’ navigation systems in real-time.
  • Guardian detects risky behaviour (eg anchoring) or high risk vessels (eg fishing trawlers) and sends a real-time message to the navigation system of that vessel.
  • The Guardian AIS Station was strategically located near the coastline to proactively protect the 75km of cable that had incurred multiple incidents.


  • Telstra’s goal is to further reduce incident rates in the high risk Asia Pacific region.
  • The highest risk section of EAC2 is now proactively protected.
  • Since the roll out of Guardian solution in Dec-19, as well as it’s integration into the existing AIS monitoring system, Telstra envisages improved network services with lesser disruptions and subsea repairs.


Guardian has been successfully deployed to proactively protect the highest risk section of EAC2 Cable by automatically alerting vessels.


After several near misses around oil and gas platforms in Cameroon. Guardian now protects forty-four platforms, seven hazard areas and permitted anchorage areas.

New York Power Authority

After two anchor strike incidents, New York Power Authority implemented the Guardian solution to protect power cables across Long Island Sound.

Shell Todd Oil Services

Guardian protects the offshore gas field near Taranaki by providing visibility of the platform infrastructure to tankers and supply ships on their navigation systems.


CGG survey vessels tow submerged cables covering a moving 1 square km zone. Guardian marks the moving perimeter of the towed cables for 11 survey vessels.


3 Fugro vessels engaged in marine search operations of Malaysia Airlines Flight MH-370 were kept safe by Guardian marking the changing search zone.

America's Cup

Guardian diverted over 100 ships passing through San Francisco port and prevented spectator boats entering the America’s Cup Race Course.


The constant flow of crew and supply vessels around Repsol’s 14 oil and gas platforms in the Caribbean now navigate safely with Guardian.

Ports of Auckland

Guardian helps safe navigation of commercial and recreational vessels around natural hazards and marine life colonies at the ports of Auckland.

Bay of Plenty

After New Zealand’s worst environmental disaster, Guardian now provides visibility of 7 dangerous reefs.

Environment Southland

Guardian clearly marks Tarapunga Rock, a dangerous natural hazard, for 80 cruise ships visiting the Doubtful Sound every year.

Port of Napier

Guardian helps safe navigation of vessels around the Pania reef at the entrance of New Zealand’s busy Napier Port.

Volvo Ocean Race

Volvo Ocean Race uses Guardian technology for protection zones in In-Port Races and leg starts to enhance safety of spectator boats.

Provincial Elect. Authority

Guardian Solution protects the submarine cable system between the mainland and the Koh Si Chang island in Thailand.


Guardian marked a hazardous wreck in the Singapore Strait. Over 8000 vessels were alerted during 9 months of salvage work.

Environment Canterbury

Environment Canterbury uses Guardian technology across the East Coast of New Zealand’s South Island