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Singapore Strait

Guardian marked a hazardous wreck in the Singapore Strait. Over 8000 vessels were warned during 9 months of salvage work.


  • Singapore is the 2nd busiest port in the world with more than 2,500 vessels and 11 million metric tons of cargo movement every week.
  • The dredger Cai Jun 3 sank outside the inbound traffic lane in Mar 2017 and the wreck posed a significant hazard to shipping.
  • Vessels needed to be warned about the location of the wreck. Two guard vessels stationed 24×7 in the area were used to warn approaching vessels.


  • The Guardian system protected the wreck zone electronically from a shore location.
  • Caution and warning messages were sent to vessels’ navigation systems if they were on a collision course with the wreck.
  • Three monitoring zones at 5 nautical miles, 2 nautical miles and 500m were set up for multiple levels of alerts.


  • The Guardian solution enhanced shipping safety while helping save the considerable cost of guard vessels.
  • Its automated real-time solution determined risk situations and proactively triggered warning signals.
  • The Guardian system helped ensure smooth operations at the port even while salvage work was simultaneously being carried out at one of its busiest shipping lanes.