Thailand’s Provincial Electricity Authority 2020-01-21T15:42:29+00:00

Thailand’s Provincial Electricity Authority

Guardian Solution protects the submarine cable system between the mainland and the Koh Si Chang island in Thailand.


  • Provincial Electricity Authority (PEA), Thailand has a 9 km submarine power cable from Sriracha on the mainland to Koh Si Chang island.
  • With three recent anchor strikes, they needed a solution to alert vessels that posed a risk to the cables.
  • Guardian:protect was selected for a long term trial to monitor and protect the 22kV submarine cable system.


  • Guardian: protect was chosen to create virtual buoys to mark the vulnerable subsea power cables.
  • Visible on vessel navigation displays, it helps prevent vessels from anchoring near the cables.
  • If the vessel behavior indicates anchoring, an AIS safety message warning the vessel not to anchor is sent directly to the navigation system of the vessel.


  • Past systems had no way of warning the vessel. The Guardian:protect real-time automated system eliminates delays and communicates to vessels directly.
  • The Guardian system successfully demonstrates it can protect essential power cables and is critical to enable continuity of power while improving the safety of vessels and personnel.