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Ports of Auckland

Guardian helps safe navigation of commercial and recreational vessels around natural hazards and marine life colonies at the ports of Auckland.


  • Auckland is a unique city with port facilities on both coasts
  • Waitemata Harbour on the east has hazards such as rock pinnacles in areas of otherwise deep water, a threat to the increasing number of passenger vessels visiting New Zealand. It also has a resident Bryde whale colony near its approach.
  • Manukau Harbour accommodates ships approaching from the west eliminating the need to travel around the North Cape of New Zealand to reach the city.
  • There is a dangerous bar crossing and long shallow water passages. Adding to the danger, local tidal currents are very strong making this harbor difficult to navigate.


  • Ports of Auckland have employed Vesper Marine’s Guardian:mark to help vessels circumvent the hazards and protected zones.
  • Installed atop Mt Victoria, a geographic high point within the city, it transmits 25 virtual AIS buoys which are visible over 50nm from the port.


  • Safe navigation of commercial and recreational vessels on both sides of Auckland.
  • Guardian provides vessel tracking information for VTS operations at the port.