CGG Geoscience and Oceangraphic Survey 2020-01-21T15:52:27+00:00

CGG Geoscience and Oceangraphic Survey

CGG survey vessels tow submerged cables covering a moving 1 square km zone. Vesper Guardian marks the moving perimeter of the towed cables for 11 survey vessels.


  • CGG, a geoscience leader operates in 50 locations worldwide
  • To map the ocean floor, CGG uses survey vessels that tow oceanographic streamer cables covering 1 square km at a given time.
  • Ships and other marine vessels cannot see the streamers as they are underwater at shallow depth and up to 6 km or more behind the towing vessel.


  • Guardian helps CGG broadcast the continuously updated perimeter of the towed streamers using virtual AIS buoys, making them visible to other vessels operating in the vicinity.
  • CGG uses this solution on all its 11 survey vessels.


  • Ships and vessels within 20 nautical miles are now able to see the footprint of the towed streamers and avoid them.
  • The solution helped enhance the safety of survey vessels and marine traffic.
  • Damage to towed streamers by vessels has been eliminated.