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Oil and Gas

Secure your surface rigs and platforms and undersea oil and gas pipelines.

Protecting Oil and Gas Assets

Oil and Gas platforms and rigs are at constant risk from ship collisions with platforms and anchor damage to undersea pipelines or other equipment. The consequences of an incident can be catastrophic due to number of personnel on board, costs of repair and losses in production. Guardian Asset Protection works with clients like Shell, Repsol and Perenco to help them enhance the safety of their personnel and marine infrastructure.

By transmitting virtual aids to navigation or virtual buoys to earmark protection zones, Guardian helps vessels see these zones on their navigation systems and operate safely around the infrastructure. The platforms and rigs can use Guardian to monitor all passing vessels and supply and crew vessels to prevent any dangerous situation .

Use cases 

  • Mark platforms and rigs
  • Mark undersea equipment and pipelines
  • Mark mooring platforms
  • Mark passages and anchorages to facilitate safe navigation
  • Navigation changes due to extreme weather or operational changes

Areas of Protection

Platforms and rigs

Enabling captains of supply, crew and other operational ships identify mooring, anchorage and hazardous areas to ensure safe vessel movement.

Pipelines and storage tanks

Help protect pipelines and equipment from anchor damage and other vessel activity.

Oil and gas exploration

Prevent accidental damage to towed streamers and other equipment by making them electronically visible to other vessels.

How it works


“After using the product, I cannot imagine working offshore without it.”

Jean-Noël Saillard, Mooring Master

Perenco Oil and Gas

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