With Software Release 1.4 - Teach your Cortex 'Boat Network'

Cortex Boat Network

Teach your Cortex 'Boat Network'

By updating your Cortex to version 1.4 via the Cortex Onboard app you can make use of Boat Network.

What is Boat Network?

Cortex can now simultaneously have its own WiFi network (Cortex Network) as well as join your boat’s existing WiFi network (Boat Network). This allows Cortex to integrate seamlessly with mobile devices connected to the Boat Network as well as provide a dedicated network for the Cortex Handsets. 

Why is Boat Network so cool?

There are a few nice things Boat Network lets you do.

  1. If you have an existing WiFi network on your boat, you don’t need to swap to the Cortex Network to use it with your mobile apps. Everything will be available over your existing network through the Boat Network connection, so your favourite apps will work seamlessly, including the Cortex Onboard app.
  2. It increases the range of Cortex Handsets, enabling larger vessels to make use of existing WiFi access points to connect them to the brain of Cortex – the Cortex Hub.
  3. By continuing to provide its own dedicated network, the Cortex Network, it ensures uninterrupted quality of service to your Handsets, unaffected by someone streaming Netflix over the Boat Network. We strongly recommend you continue to connect your primary Cortex VHF Handset directly to the Cortex Network.
  4. Cortex Software Version 1.5 extends Boat Network capability to let Cortex access another internet source on the network. This means you can use devices like Satellite Router or Access Point when you Cortex is not in range of a local Cellular Network, or where you are roaming outside of your regional coverage zone.

Why did we prioritize Boat Network over other features?

We have amazing new feature updates planned for 2021. Your Cortex will keep learning and getting smarter, and our next major update is only a few months away!

The reason we taught Cortex Boat Network first is because of what it enables your Cortex to do in the future. Things like Intercom between Handsets anywhere on board, or monitoring your boat no matter where it is on the planet… but more on that next year!

Important information

This update has some important information for existing users. Please see our Software Release Notes and User Guide information on our Support Portal.

Cortex Boat Network Explained
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