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pdf downloadNews Release 23 November 2009

Shaun Quincey, 24, is setting out to do what only his father Colin Quincey has done before – single-handedly cross the Tasman Sea in a row boat. The elder Quincey made history in 1977 by completing the first ever and only solo Tasman crossing rowing from New Zealand to Australia. Counter to his father, Shaun will set out to row west to east across the treacherous Tasman, departing the Australian shore later this month.

In preparation for his solo endeavour, Quincey has spent the last two years preparing himself for the physical and mental challenge of a tough two months at sea. In addition his vessel, home and safe haven for the voyage, the 7 metre Tasman Trespasser II must also be prepared for the journey.

Shaun has equipped his small boat with technology that will help aid safe passage. He has considerably more options available to him than his Dad had for his passage in '77 when safety and navigation gear consisted of a radar reflector on a pole and a sextant.

Quincy selected the AISWatchMate RX by Vesper Marine. Designed to help warn mariners of potentially dangerous collisions, this dedicated safety instrument provides advanced collision warning and navigation information about the shipping traffic that is in the vicinity. The low power consumption of the AISWatchMate RX is especially beneficial for Quincey because battery power aboard is limited. The AISWatchMate sips power and is designed to be left on at all times. The AISWatchMate is made effective because of compulsory requirements for nearly all commercial vessels on an international voyage to be fitted with AIS transponders.

Quincy says “The WatchMate brings me great peace of mind and I appreciate the ability to leave it on at all times since my boat is powered only by a solar panel.” He plans to depart in January and added “it's very reassuring to know I'll be alerted if a ship is on a collision course with me since it's unlikely they will be able to see me otherwise.”

News Update - March 14, 2010
After 54 days at sea, Shaun Quincey makes landfall at Ninety Mile Beach and becomes New Zealand's latest legend!

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