We’ve done to AIS what Apple and Google did to phones… we’ve made it very, very smart.

It’s just like a smartphone…
You expect your phone to be easily upgradable via WiFi. You can add functionality to your phone through new apps. You wouldn’t dream of using a traditional phone any more.

smartAIS is just like your smartphone. Upgrade the firmware (OS) via WiFi using your smartphone. Get new, life saving features, with these upgrades and the WatchMate app.

It has so many smart features

  • Built-in WiFi
  • Smart alarm management
  • Collision prevention alerts
  • Anchor watch and drift alerts
  • Man overboard alerts
  • Integrates navigation sensors, GPS and AIS
  • Fast 5Hz 50 channel GPS receiver
  • Low power consumption
  • Our new transponder homepage lays out the amazing benefits of smartAIS. See how it could save your life.