Be prepared for situations at sea - use Vesper Marine simulations

Vesper Marine has built-in simulations for MOB situations, anchor drag and potential collisions. These simulations demonstrate how your Vesper Marine transponder works as well as your how onboard navigation system responds to different situations.

Vision2 users can set up simulations directly on the Vision screen using the onscreen menu. System> Simulation Mode Edit> Choose the Simulation you want and turn ON

Collision Prevention simulation: In case of a potential collision situation, Vesper Marine smart AIS transponders will sound an audible alarm on your transponder as well as your connected WiFI devices such as your phone or tablet. The intelligent filters only show those vessels which are at collision risk and its smart alarm logic prioritizes alarms in order of maximum to minimum risk. View the highest priority alarm and see the expected TCPA and CPA information provided with the alarm and steer your vessel to safety.

At times, the vessel on a collision path may be a faster or larger vessel and you may need to make a VHF voice or DSC call to the vessel. Vesper Marine's Vision2 and WatchMAte 850 have a DSC calling feature (compatible with all ICOM VHF radios). Simply tap the vessel on the screen and send the DSC message to the vessel.

Using the Collision prevention simulation feature also helps you see how other electronics work in this situation.

Anchor Watch simulation: Vesper Marine Anchor Watch alerts you to an anchor drag situation. Your anchor drag alarm alerts you when your boat moves outside the circle defined by you.

You will be alerted to a change in wind speed, when the wind direction changes significantly or if the tide or anchor swing reduces the depth (Available with WatchMate Vision and Vision2)

MOB simulation:The MOB simulation helps to prepare you for a for a real-life MOB with confidence.

In case of the MOB situation, an alarm sounds when a crew member equipped with any manufacturer AIS MOB falls overboard. The simulation first marks the position where the MOB is detected and sounds a constant alarm. Once the MOB device updates its GPS position, it continually transmits the changing MOB position and your smartAIS transponder sounds several short beeps to indicate you have a fix on the MOB. See if there is another vessel in close proximity on your AIS and work a plan to reach out to the MOB with the best chance of success. To reach the MOB position, use the bearing and range from the WatchMate Vision screen or the WatchMate app screen on your mobile device. You can also use your MFD. The simulation helps you view the MOB on all your navigation screens.

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