Safety Electronics Leader Showcases Virtual AIS Beacon Technology on San Francisco Bay

Auckland, New Zealand Vesper Marine, a leading manufacturer of innovative marine safety products, announced today the successful demonstration of its Virtual AIS Beacon Technology to a who’s who of California-based professional and port authority organizations. Held on San Francisco Bay, the event was attended by representatives of the San Francisco Police Department, Port of Oakland, Alameda County Sheriff’s Office, Port of San Francisco and the United States Coast Guard. The event included a demonstration of the Vesper Virtual AIS Beacon and its groundbreaking implementation in the America’s Cup public safety initiative, an overview of Vesper installations around the globe and discussions on how the technology can be used to enhance safety for all mariners.

“As a result of our work with governments, port authorities and private enterprises around the world, we are consistently uncovering new and innovative applications for our Virtual AIS Beacon,” said Jeff Robbins, CEO, Vesper Marine. “The ability to provide mariners real-time safety information presented seamlessly on the navigation displays they rely on means a significant benefit to public safety. We are pleased to have had the ability to demonstrate the advanced capabilities of our software to such a distinguished list of officials.”

A proven technology currently being used in applications around the globe, the Vesper Virtual AIS Beacon delivers a proactive electronic marker of dangerous visible and invisible hazards such as bridges, piers, rock outcrops, and reefs, as well as any underwater fixed or moving hazards such as sandbars, to provide location information and alert warnings. The virtual markers have no environmental impact and do not require a physical location to be mounted or powered. When a navigational hazard is marked by a Vesper Marine Virtual AIS Beacon, it is displayed on the AIS display, ECDIS, chartplotter and/or other receiving equipment on any vessel that is within range of the transmitting equipment. A vessel’s onboard equipment can then alert crews if they are on a collision course with the marked hazard. Shore stations house Vesper Marine’s Virtual AIS Beacons and are managed by administration software. Multiple stations can be used to extend network coverage.

“Vesper Marine is dedicated to safety on the water for all boats,” continued Robbins. “Our award-winning collision avoidance AIS transponders, displays and virtual beacons are designed by the Vesper Marine engineering team and built in New Zealand with an unwavering focus on quality, exceptional value and outstanding customer support. Vesper Marine's unique Virtual AIS Beacons are a flexible and affordable way to mark multiple hazards or assets without deploying physical infrastructure. These beacons are in continuous use around the world guarding environmentally sensitive and isolated coastlines, identifying shipping lanes, marking safe anchorage zones and guiding ships into ports.”

Vesper’s Virtual AIS Beacon is currently used by Americas Cup organizers to improve communication with on-the-water spectators and general marine traffic that use the busy waterway. The virtual beacons allow vessels to quickly and easily see their own positions relative to the course boundaries on their navigation displays; ensuring they are safely outside the course at all times.

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