Vesper Marine adds new European and International Distributors

March 2011, Auckland, New Zealand – Vesper Marine, a leading manufacturer of innovative marine safety products, announced today that it has added four new partners to its growing international distribution network. The latest additions include Marine Electronics SA in Switzerland, Pochon in France who came on board last December, Electronics Marine in Chile and Al Nakheel Electronics in the United Arab Emirates. Effective immediately, all four partners will distribute Vesper Marine’s entire line of Automatic Identification System (AIS) collision avoidance technology products to an extensive reseller network, and provide marketing and technical support.

“Our new relationships with Marine Electronics SA, Pochon, Electronics Marine and Al Nakheel Electronics supports our commitment to bring and support high-quality AIS collision avoidance technology to boaters throughout Europe and around world,” said Mike Ogle, general manager of sales and marketing, Vesper Marine. “These strategic partners have a record of success in their respective markets and understand how to create business value by showing customers the benefits of safety-focused marine electronics.”

Vesper Marine’s extensive AIS product line is represented by over 70 resellers and retail outlets in 18 countries around the world. With over half of these being based in Europe, Vesper Marine is seeing its products being sold in new markets including Slovenia, Iceland and Tunisia.

Offering a full line of innovative marine safety AIS products, the company’s AISWatchMate line is an award-winning family of AIS collision avoidance devices designed for recreational and light commercial vessels. Easy to use, the WatchMate is a dedicated safety solution delivering 24 x 7 on-the-water vigilance of potentially dangerous situations. Enhancing awareness, improving safety and offering greater peace of mind, Vesper’s innovative products make for a more efficient and secure boating experience.

For more information contact: Mike Ogle +64 9 950 48 48

Pochon (France) website:

Marine Electronics SA (Switzerland) website:

Electronics Marine (Chile):

Al Nakheel Electronics (UAE) website:


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