Malcolm Hone is the winner of Vesper Marine's MOB Promotion

Malcolm Hone is delighted with the pair of Ocean Signal MOB1s and his WatchMate XB-8000 smartAIS transponder. He says, "I recently purchased the Vesper Marine AIS Transponder through Odyssey Electrical on the Gold Coast. It was recommended to me by a friend who also uses it on his boat. I was very impressed by the safety features of smartAIS transponders. Besides the price was very competitive and it had WiFi."

Malcolm is a boat builder and has been sailing since he built his first boat at the age of 13. Different destinations, no airports, no motels, taking your home with you makes sailing special for him. He says, "The XB-8000 will keep a watchful eye on AIS targets. It is marvellous to win the world's smallest MOBs. Together they will greatly enhance our safety on our catamaran 'Oceaneer'."

smartAIS from Vesper Marine has smart alarm logic that proactively alerts you when you have potential collision situations. It continuously watches for a man overboard and triggers an alarm for quick action. It plots your anchor position and alerts you if your anchor drags. Other AIS only send and receive AIS data.

The XB-8000 has an audible alarm which can be mounted anywhere on the boat. It also has WiFi capability that enables the alarm to be triggered on connected devices like smart phones, tablets and smart watches

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