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With smartAIS Anchor Watch functionality, you can sleep soundly knowing you will be alerted if your anchor drags.

Every sailor knows that being at anchor is no guarantee of total safety. In particular, anchors can drag without those on board being aware. Thanks to Anchor Watch, however, you can be safer and sleep well at night. That’s because Anchor Watch sounds the alarm if you drift outside a zone defined around your anchor position. Activate the anchor watch when you drop the anchor and smartAIS monitors the position of your boat to determine if you are dragging.

smartAIS also has the unique ability to calculate the difference between your anchor position on the boat and the GPS tracked position to re-calibrate the actual anchor position.

With Vesper Marine transponders, you can activate Anchor Watch on the transponder screen (in the case of the WatchMate Vision and 850) or on mobile devices using the WatchMate App for smartphones and tablets. On smartwatches use the deckWatch App that gives you control from anywhere on the boat. When your anchor drags, the alarm sounds on the transponder and also on your mobile device

Anchor Watch continues to grow in sophistication with new scenarios like wind direction, wind speed, and water depth also posing potential risks to a safe anchorage. WatchMate Vision is the first transponder that enables you to set alarms for these conditions

Another unique feature of Anchor Watch is breadcrumbs. The boat position is tracked every 30 sec with a mark on the screen called breadcrumb and over time, you get a graphical representation of your boat's movement. Available on transponder screens as well as on smartphones and tablets using the WatchMate App.

There's also a feature called Move Anchor position. If you wish to reset the Anchor position after you have plotted it, you can do this on the Vision screen and the WatchMate App on your mobile devices.


Anchor Watch is available on Cortex and XB-8000

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