6 reasons why marine electronics installers only install Vesper Marine AIS

A growing number of marine electrical and electronics specialists insist on Vesper Marine AIS technology for all installations on customer vessels. From commercial fishing boats to harbor ferries, to hi-tech carbon racing yachts and production built cruising powerboats, electronics technicians specify and install only Vesper Marine AIS and here is why ;

1   Vesper Marine works with everything.

The XB-6000 and XB-8000 transponders connect to every AIS ready MFD, especially Simrad, Raymarine and B&G.

2   Built-in NMEA Gateway - translates 0183 to NMEA 2000

With so many brands and products at our fingertips, the choices and training required can be overwhelming. Vesper Marine have done their homework in delivering products with reliability, ease of set-up and support from the factory. We do not waste time learning the complex installation procedures of other AIS when the Vesper Marine gear works perfectly first time, every time. If we are connecting a complex suite of electronics and need to make 0183 talk to NMEA2000, the Vesper Marine units do this automatically as an integrated feature, then distribute the data around the boat via Wi-Fi to any software, how cool is that !

3   Tech support is incredible.

We have direct access to the Vesper Marine team, sales, tech-support and engineering … on the rare occasions we need help with an install we get it fast !

4   Our customers rave about Vesper Marine.

The smartAIS products with Wi-Fi have so many features that no other brand offers. We've already mentioned the awesome Wi-Fi and customers love the WatchMate App, but also Man Overboard and Anchor Watch. The filters and target tracking capabilities available with the WatchMate App offer more control and collision avoidance information than anything else we have seen, and customers love using it because it is beautifully simple and easy to operate.

5   Vesper Marine technology is fast, really fast, and really accurate.

Fast to set-up and configure on our smart phones so labor charges to customers are efficient, and fast to provide data around the boat's network. We also like the super fast 5HZ GPS for more accurate plotting on MFDs as we fit-out a lot of high speed power and sail boats.

6   Proven Reliability.

We have installed Vesper Marine AIS in dozens and dozens of navigation packages for high performance yachts that compete all over the world. Reliability is everything as we often fly to fix problems and service the yachts. The robust and waterproof housings, straight forward and very intelligent software, electronic protection and integration with well engineered products such as the Vesper Marine amplified AIS/VHF splitter means our team can deliver systems that once installed, keep on working. The engineering of these things is very well done.

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Compatible with all AIS enabled MFDs: Garmin, Raymarine, Simrad, Lowrance, Furuno, Humminbird, B&G….
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