BD Outdoors says upgrading to Cortex VHF was "pretty simple"


Adding Cortex V1 to a 24' Morgan

Vesper Cortex Scott Goodwin BD Outdoors

Last year Captain Scott Goodwin wired up a 24' Morgan from scratch... then he found out about Cortex. His step-by-step install walkthrough outlines how easy it was for Scott to add Cortex VHF to his existing system.

Padre-Launch DB outdoors

Looking for improved audio quality

Scott's problem was that his existing VHF wasn't loud or clear enough.

"I only installed one VHF radio and antennae... I bought a simple and sufficient VHF and after some use was not thrilled with the volume of the radio. I could not really hear it when running or much else going on."

After learning about the Cortex VHF at a boat show Scott "read comments from actual users about how loud and clear the speaker was for the VHF. This caught my attention as I didn’t have a spot for an external speaker as in some boats."

We've had lots of similar feedback about the audio volume and clarity from our Handset.  Don't be fooled by its diminutive size - it packs a punch.  We've achieved that through sampling at 44kHz, a powerful snapdragon processor capable of running our audio algorithms, a class D power amp, not skimping on speaker quality, and believe it or not... countless hours of testing and refining the speaker cavity.  All that adds up to sound volume and quality that surpasses other VHF's.

Ease of installation

bd outdoors install of Cortex V1

The limited space on his Morgan didn't provide endless room for more devices.

"I learned that the Cortex can share an antenna with another radio. That was the final piece of the puzzle and so one Vesper Cortex was on the way"

Scott does an excellent walkthrough of his install, complete with pics.  He sums it up with the words the team at Vesper love hearing...

"The installation was pretty simple."  and "The Cortex app on your phone can help you with everything."


Superior audio quality

Scott sounds super pleased with the result. "The speaker is nice and clear with plenty of volume; problem solved. I do like the fact that I can see all of the commercial and some recreational traffic around me." Cortex is designed for superior audio quality. From 44kHz Sampling, advanced Filtering Algorithms, power quality amplifier, superior speaker quality, and an innovative speaker cavity design.


Benefits of Cortex remote monitoring featuring Anchor Watch

Scott mentions some of the extra benefits of Cortex's remote monitoring offering peace of mind.

"You can get basic scheduled vessel monitoring for free or subscribe for full monitoring in real-time. This gives great peace of mind if you are traveling or away from your boat for periods of time."

Anchor Watch is one of the most loved remote monitoring features.  No more looking over your shoulder to wonder if your boat is where you anchored it... you can enjoy your time ashore and check your boat's location on your smartphone and get alerts if it moves!

And finally, payback for the countless hours, days, and weeks of effort by our engineering teams to make Cortex incredibly advanced AND easy to install and use...

"I’m very pleased with the upgrade to my boat’s capabilities and it was pretty simple for a boat project!"

Scott's article on BD Outdoors is well worth a read if you are considering purchasing a Cortex!


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