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Marine Zones

Safeguard marine protection and exclusion zones

Protecting Marine Zones

Marine zones and coastal authorities, responsible for safety of lives and vessels along the coast, need to guide marine traffic around dangerous hazards. These include reefs, shellfish beds, icebergs, wrecks, oil spills, protected zones like marine wildlife, commercial operations like fish pens or aquaculture farms, moving hazards like sandbars, infrastructure like bridges or piers.

Guardian helps clients like Environment Southland, Bay of Plenty and Port of Halifax by using virtual aids to navigation or virtual buoys to indicate hazards. Vessels see these zones on their navigation systems and operate safely around them. The marine zones can use Guardian to monitor vessels and send warning messages in case of a potential risk.

Areas of Protection

Natural hazards

Safeguard for natural hazards including reefs, shellfish beds, ice and water levels or moving sandbars which could threaten the safety of people and marine vessels.

Aquaculture areas

Protect commercial operations like fish farms and aquaculture areas by creating protection zones to ensure safe navigation of marine traffic around them.

Shipping channels

Manage shipping activity including cargo and commercial ships, cruise ships, recreational vessels and fishing trawlers through defined marine zones

Man made hazards

Guard against injury or damage from collisions with infrastructure such as bridges and piers and provide maritime safety information.

How it works


“We have been able to improve safety of crew and equipment as well as for surrounding shipping.”

Matthieu Champenois, Field Support Engineer – Navigation & Positioning Department


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