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Monitoring vessel movements, analyzing risk and activating alerts

Underwater Pipes

Ultimate protection

Guardian:protect combines all the functionality of Guardian:mark and Guardian:monitor, plus the ability to protect your assets by setting smart rules that trigger proactive alerts directly to vessels’ navigation systems. 



Guardian:protect is a 24/7 web-based service that proactively intervenes when it detects vessel activity that presents a risk. The solution is constantly monitoring all AIS vessel traffic for breaches of customizable smart rules and automatically alerts both you and the vessel if a breach is detected.

Guardian:protect helps prevent incidents such as collisions between vessels and marine assets that are subsea or on the water surface .

How it works


Widespread Use Cases

Guardian:protect is unique in its ability to differentiate between vessels that are operating normally (and therefore not a risk) and those that are potentially about to damage your asset. It gives both passive and active protection against higher risk activity near:

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Guardian:protect Benefits


Automatic and early warning of a potentially damaging situation


All data is securely logged and kept indefinitely 

Fast and simple

Everything you need is provided, setup and configuration is easy

Cloud access

Convenient access from any browser via secure login


Protected communication to and from your Station for privacy and data integrity


Rewind and playback historical vessel movements for review or rule testing

New York

Comprehensive Functionality

Rich features enable customization and control of how assets are marked, how alert rules are configured and what proactive messages are sent to vessels.

  • Create multiple protection zones around your assets by defining buffer areas or drawing specific coordinates.

  • Route position lists and asset location coordinates can be uploaded in a variety of coordinate formats.

  • Set up vessel groups and assign individual vessels to groups: e.g. trusted vessels such as work boats and tenders.

  • Configure alerts based on smart rules including vessel type and vessel groups, speed over ground, change in speed (sudden slowing), change in direction (veering off course).

  • Changes to rules can be tested using historical data, rather than waiting months for the next event to test their effectiveness.

  • Interrogate individual vessel details, track the vessel, and measure the distance from the asset.

  • Integrate radar information to include non AIS vessels, icebergs, oil spills and other radar enabled targets to determine risk.

  • Define the type of alarm based upon severity: raise audible and visible alarms within the control room or network operations center and send automatic SMS or email to a defined group of users.

No visibility

Without Guardian Protector

Visibility of vessels

See vessel activity

Marked underwater cables

Marked cables for vessels to see

Zone for rule application

Defined zone for alert rules

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