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Automatic monitoring and recording of vessel activity

Oil & Gas protection

View, Track and Record

Guardian:monitor provides all the functionality of Guardian:mark, plus the ability to remotely monitor, record and play back comprehensive vessel traffic information.


When protecting coastal areas, ports, marine zones, fisheries and other natural resources, Guardian:monitor enables you to clearly mark hazards for vessels to see and provide other electronics aids to navigation. By securely recording all traffic, you have the ability to replay, analyze and prove vessel movements. This can be critical when reviewing an incident.

Guardian:monitor Benefits


View real-time marine vessel activity within your selected area


Capture vessel movements for detailed analysis and review

Fast and simple

Everything you need is provided, setup and configuration is easy

Cloud access

Convenient access from any browser via secure login


Protected communication to and from your Station for privacy and data integrity


Most commercial vessels and an increasing number of others use AIS

How Guardian:monitor Works

Remotely mark assets/hazards and automatically record vessel movements in the vicinity


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