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Protect undersea power cables or renewable energy installations

Protecting Energy Assets

Undersea power cables are at risk from anchor strikes and fishing activities. Used for the distribution and transmission of critical power supply to low power generating regions, the advent of offshore renewable energy sources like wind, wave and tidal installations are increasing the risk of power cables being damaged by shipping activity. Even when buried under the seabed, power cables are still at risk, as the New York Power Authority discovered when their buried cables were struck by anchors twice within ten years.

There is a real threat of damage by ship anchors or commercial fishing. Commercial fishing trawlers can trawl over cables along the bottom of the sea or in midwater. Ships accidentally anchor in cable zones or can drag anchors in rough weather conditions.

Areas of Protection

Undersea Power Cables

Protect undersea power cables, either buried or laid on the seabed, that are at risk of damage by large trawlers and commercial ship anchors.

Renewable energy offshore installations

Guard offshore wind, wave and tidal installations that are at risk from cargo ships and other large and small vessels.

How it works


“Anchor strikes will soon be regarded as events from a bygone era.”

Gil C. Quiniones, President and CEO

New York Power Authority

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