Designed for Easy Install

Cortex has been designed for ease of installation.

Easy to install, easy to use

Cortex is engineered for simplicity and robustness. There are key design features that make installing Cortex fast and easy.

  1. One box vs ten
  2. Single VHF antenna
  3. Out of the box monitoring
  4. 12/24V flexibility
  5. Universally compatible
  6. Network shareable 10 Hz GPS
  7. Remote MMSI programming
  8. Upgrade software via smartphone
handset mounted

Less is more

More devices require more drilling, more wiring and more configuration (to get everything communicating).

Cortex eliminates this with a single box solution.




Single Antenna

AIS requires a connection to an antenna in order to send and receive signals. You don’t need to add another antenna or compromise on reduced signal strength when sharing one because the Cortex Hub can seamlessly broadcast both VHF and AIS across a single antenna. Cortex even provides signal gain through an integrated amplifier, improving AIS reception and increasing range from a shared VHF aerial. There is no need to mount another aerial and no need to compromise on signal strength.

Out of the box monitoring

Cortex's built-in sensors and NMEA connectivity enables monitoring with no extra install effort.  Anchor Watch, power, position, weather... all included in the hub. Learn about monitoring.

Cortex Wiring Diagram Monitoring-1

Wireless handsets

Both the tethered and portable handsets wirelessly connect to the Cortex Hub.

This gives you the freedom to place handsets without extremely time-consuming cable runs. All you need is power.

You can easily connect your smartphone to the boat's NMEA or wireless network via Cortex.

24V flexibility

With capability for 9-33V power input, Cortex Hub and Handset doesn’t require an additional power converter. This is particularly useful for European boats that are typically 24V.


Universal Compatibility

Cortex AIS is compatible with all the leading brands of marine equipment and MFDs including Raymarine, Garmin, Furuno, Simrad and many more.


Network shareable 10 Hz GPS

Cortex includes a 10 Hz high accuracy multi-constellation GNSS position engine. Shareable on the NMEA network, this provides an elegant option for a primary GPS, or a simple addition as a backup GPS.

Remote MMSI programming

We’ve dramatically simplified the process for purchasing and installing a device with an AIS transponder in the USA.

Installers and re-sellers simply enter the relevant vessel details via a secure login to our Support Portal. Vesper Marine validates that the information is entered correctly and sends it over the air to the Cortex Hub, either immediately or when it next connects to the Vesper Cloud.

MMSI programming 1080

Update software via smartphone

The Cortex Onboard app lets you know when there is a software update for Cortex Hub and handsets.

You can either manually download the update or set the app to do so automatically.  When you are next on your boat, the app will detect the update is waiting and ask you if you would like to update your Cortex. It couldn’t be easier to install new features as we make Cortex smarter.

Focused on quality

Our design philosophy for Cortex was to make advanced VHF and AIS functionality easy to use in devices that would stand the test of time.

This philosophy influenced everything about Cortex – from installation, durability (galvanic isolation), and servicing (easy software updates) to making it easy for anyone to use.