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Michael Joplin

joplin_1The customer is highly pleased with Cortex. He was doubly pleased when he realized the Cortex is also a wireless NMEA gateway allowing him to display AIS and depth on his iPad running the Navionics boating app. From a communications perspective, it is the cleanest/clearest sounding VHF that I’ve ever used. From my viewpoint, the installation of the Cortex is much simpler than installing separate monitoring, VHF, and AIS units and working to get all communicating correctly. Easy installation and happy customer – it doesn’t get much better from an installer’s perspective. The experience has helped facilitate the sales of my next two units, which are already in house.

Michael Joplin, Meridian 411 Sedan Bridge
Joplin Solutions LLC,
Kemah, Texas, USA

Cortex Installer

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