Monitoring built-in. No extra boxes.

The Cortex Hub (M1 and V1) is the brain of our monitoring solution.

Monitoring built-in. No extra boxes.

Easy setup, no fee

With built-in sensors, you can see twice daily updates of your boat's location and battery level.

Connect to your NMEA network and monitor more - wind speed direction and water depth.

When your smartphone and boat have cellular access, you can see that your boat is safe and secure.

Easy setup, no fee Easy setup, no fee

Real-time monitoring and control

Subscribe to a Cortex Monitor Plan to receive alerts, see real-time information about your boat and remotely control devices like lighting, air conditioning, refrigeration or ice-makers.

Whether you've left your boat, at anchor or at the marina, know exactly where it is and what's happening on board.

Real-time monitoring and control Real-time monitoring and control

Out of the box monitoring

Cortex includes built-in sensors. Simply monitor and receive alerts. Monitor even more by connecting to your NMEA 2000 network.

  • Battery Level
  • Wind Indicator
  • Water Depth
  • Anchor Watch
  • Position
Battery Level

Battery Level

An integrated battery sensor. Set alerts for low voltage so you can avoid damage to your batteries caused by prolonged discharge.

Wind Indicator

Wind Indicator

NMEA 2000 connectivity enables Cortex to keep an eye on wind conditions, so you can be alerted when wind speed or direction changes.

Water Depth

Water Depth

Remotely monitor NMEA 2000 depth sensor changes and set alarms.

Anchor Watch

Anchor Watch

Monitor safe anchorage with Anchor Watch, an intelligent system that alerts you if your boat's anchor is dragging.

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An integrated GPS enables you to see the position of your boat and set geofence alerts.

Add external sensors and controls

Cortex is compatible with 3rd party sensors and control relays, giving you the control and information you want for your boat.

  • Bilge Level
  • Temperature
  • Shore Power
  • Security
  • Lights
  • Bilge Pump
  • Refrigeration
Bilge Water Level

Bilge Water Level

Monitor for high water level by adding a sensor.


Heating and Cooling

Add a relay to remotely activate air conditioning.

shore power

Shore Power Status

Add a sensor to check you are connected to shore power so your boat and devices are powered up.


Boat Security

Add motion, magnetic door or pressure sensors to detect entry to your boat.



Add a relay control and a monitor plan to remotely activate deck lights. Make it easy to spot your boat in a crowded anchorage.

bilge pump

Bilge Pump

Monitor pump cycles by adding a sensor.


Refrigeration/Ice Maker

Add a relay to remotely activate your refrigeration or ice-maker.

Upgrade to Cortex Monitor Premium

  • Real time
  • Alerts
  • Control
  • Anchor Watch
  • Geofencing
Real time updates

Real time updates

See the status of your boat, its sensors and track its location.



Receive alerts on your smartphone or tablet via the Cortex Monitor app.



Remotely control devices like lights, aircon and icemakers on your boat by connecting them to Cortex.

Anchor Watch

Anchor Watch

Know your boat is safely anchored. Receive alerts if your anchor drags or there is a change in wind speed, direction or water depth.

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Know where your boat is and get an alert if it moves outside a designated area.

Monitoring is included in the Cortex M1, Class B SOTDMA smartAIS transponder.

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Monitoring Monitoring

Monitoring is included in the Cortex V1. The worlds most advanced VHF radio.

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Cortex V1 Cortex V1
Cortex M1 AIS with SOTDMA

AIS + Monitor

Cortex M1
Cortex V1 VHF with AIS

VHF + AIS + Monitor

Cortex V1
Cortex H1P Portable Handset

VHF Upgrade

Cortex H1P