VHF Reimagined

A revolution in marine technology that will change your VHF experience forever.

An intuitive touchscreen that is engineered for durability to withstand the rigours of the harsh marine environment.

Audio that's as loud as a train but clear as a bell.

The future of VHF is here.

VHF Reimagined

A Match Made in Heaven

Cortex is the perfect partner to “glass bridge” MFD’s like:

  • Simrad NSO EVO3S and NSS EVO3
  • Garmin GPSMAP 8400 and 8600
  • Raymarine Axiom, Pro and XL
  • B&G Zeus3 and Vulcan
  • Furuno NavNet TZtouch2 and TZtouch3
dsc-call-target mobile-dsc-call-target

Smart and beautiful

The world's most advanced VHF radio comes with a built-in smartAIS transponder and remote vessel monitoring.

Advanced VHF features are made easy to use with a multi-touch, waterproof touchscreen and intuitive user interface.

Initiate direct calls (DSC) with other vessels by simply tapping the vessel on your handset.

Be armed with critical information about vessels, AIS marks (AtoNs) and man overboard devices on your MFD, mobile or Cortex handset.

smart-and-beautiful mobile-smart-and-beautiful

Beauty for the beholder

Do your dash justice. A glass bridge deserves a VHF worthy of a clean, simple aesthetic.

No need to choose between hiding your VHF or ruining your clean look. Locate your Cortex handset wherever convenient – it will fit right in.

aerial-boat-2 mobile-aerial-boat-2

The Freedom of Wireless

Cortex handsets wirelessly connect to the Cortex Hub, making it possible to put your VHF where you want it.

With both tethered and portable handsets, you have complete freedom.

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Integrated with your MFD

Cortex provides AIS information to all MFD’s, including vessels, MOBs and virtual AtoNs.

See critical information on the Cortex handset for instant awareness and reaction while also giving AIS visibility to your MFD at the helm.

See the status of NMEA connected devices both on and off your boat using the Cortex Monitor App.

integrated-mfd mobile-integrated-mfd

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