What is Anchor Watch?

Available with the Cortex V1 and M1, Anchor Watch alerts you if your anchor drags or if there is a change in wind speed, direction, or water depth. Activate Anchor Watch when you drop anchor and it will continuously monitor the position of your boat.

Know your boat is safely anchored.

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Carl from Vesper Marine demonstrates Cortex Anchor Watch with smartAIS.

Receive alerts anywhere on board

Cortex smartAIS transponders are WiFi enabled and communicate alarms and navigation data to your smartphone.

If your anchor drags, Cortex triggers an alert on your mobile devices and sounds an audible alarm (if connected) so you can take prompt action.

Receive alerts anywhere on board Receive alerts anywhere on board

Go ashore with peace of mind

With a Cortex Monitor subscription, receive Anchor Watch alarms when ashore. Anchor your boat and enjoy a picnic or explore an island, knowing your boat is exactly where you anchored it. While ashore, if Anchor Watch detects a dragging anchor it immediately sends an alert to your mobile device, provided you and your boat both have cellular coverage.

Go ashore with peace of mind Go ashore with peace of mind

Depth and Wind alarms

Get added safety at anchor by setting up wind speed, wind direction and water depth alarms.

Be alerted onboard by connecting your mobile devices to your Cortex M1 via WiFi, or ashore with the Cortex Monitor app.

Depth and Wind alarms Depth and Wind alarms

Anchor Move

Anchor Move allows you to fine-tune your anchored position after your initial setup. You can adjust your marked anchored position if you didn't get it quite right or forgot to activate it when you dropped anchor.

Anchor Move Anchor Move


The Cortex M1 plots your boat's position over time, enabling you to see how your boat is moving around its anchored position.

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Cortex M1 has an integrated heading sensor that combines GPS data and vessel dimensions to accurately determine the bow position of your boat. This makes Anchor Watch more accurate, helping eliminate false alarms.

Heading Heading

Cortex Anchor Watch Brochure

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