Low power consumption

Engineered for minimal power consumption, Cortex is always on when you need it. Ideal if you need to conserve power when anchored or on a long voyage.

Cortex is always watching for crossing situations, man overboard or anchor drag and will alert you even when your MFD is turned off.

Low power consumption Low power consumption

Fully waterproof

Cortex is submersible for 30 minutes (IPX7) and its touchscreen works perfectly with gloves or wet hands.

Dedicated buttons and the unique click wheel offer increased usability in wet or rough conditions.

Fully waterproof Fully waterproof

Galvanically isolated ports

All Vesper Marine products have galvanically isolated ports as standard. Galvanic isolation is achieved by creating a conductive electrical path using light or high frequency electromagnetics and protects your electronics and marine equipment from high or stray current damage, ground loops and corrosion.

Galvanically isolated ports Galvanically isolated ports

NMEA Gateway

Receive alerts directly on your smartphone, tablet and smartwatch anywhere on board using Cortex’s built-in WiFi.

It also allows you to see NMEA 2000 data on your mobile apps over WiFi.

NMEA Gateway NMEA Gateway

WiFi access on board

Receive alerts directly on your smartphone, tablet and smartwatch anywhere on board using Cortex's built-in WiFi.

View nearby vessels, instruments and configure alarms on up to 10 connected wireless devices.

wifi-onboard-1024 wifi-onboard-400

Cortex on your smart device

Cortex Onboard and Cortex Monitor Apps will be available for download for both iOS and Android. Cortex Onboard provides onboard monitoring and alert functionality on mobile devices sending safety data and alerts directly to smartphone or tablet via WiFi. When off the boat, Cortex Monitor provides position, sensor and anchor watch monitoring and alerts.

Cortex on your smart device Cortex on your smart device

Cortex will only get smarter

New features and capabilities are downloaded automatically to the Cortex Onboard app for easy updates to Cortex via WiFi whenever convenient.

Cortex will only get smarter Cortex will only get smarter

10 Hz GPS

The Cortex M1 is equipped with a fast 10Hz 50 channel GPS providing high accuracy positioning information.

Cortex GPS information is available to all NMEA 2000 devices. It can be your primary GPS sensor or provide redundancy as a backup source.

10 Hz GPS 10 Hz GPS


SOTDMA (Self Organised Time Division Multiple Access) uses 5W power output, extending the range of your AIS signals.

When travelling at speeds faster than 14 knots, it transmits updated course, position and heading more frequently, enhancing safety and situational awareness.

powerboat powerboat

Universal compatibility

Vesper Marine electronics have been purpose-built for compatibility with all MFDs. Cortex seamlessly integrates to provide AIS data to every brand through NMEA 2000 or NMEA 0183.

universal universal

Integrated no-loss splitter

Our integrated no-loss splitter allows you to share a single antenna with another VHF and delivers optimum performance for both your VHF and AIS.

Integrated no-loss splitter Integrated no-loss splitter

Single-handed operation

Cortex handsets are equipped with click-wheel, ergonomic design and grip enhancing exterior.

Use the touchscreen or click-wheel to easily access all Cortex functions, even when one hand needs to stay on the helm.

single-handed-operation single-handed-400

Sunlight Viewable screen

Optically bonded LCD and tough Gorilla Glass provide excellent optical clarity over a wide viewing angle, a bright display that is viewable in direct sunlight and a screen that can be viewed even using polarized glasses.

sunlight-viewable-1024-1 sunlight-viewable-400-1
Cortex M1 AIS with SOTDMA

AIS + Monitor

Cortex M1
Cortex V1 VHF with AIS

VHF + AIS + Monitor

Cortex V1
Cortex H1P Portable Handset

VHF Upgrade

Cortex H1P