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Case Studies

New York Power Authority

Protecting against anchor strikes

Subsea power cables | Long Island Sound, New York, USA

After two anchor strikes to undersea power cables within ten years the New York Power Authority (NYPA) sought a solution that would prevent further damage.

NYPA chose a Vesper Marine solution because it could mark the cable zone for vessels to see on their electronic navigation systems, collect data about the vessels for automated analysis, then transmit a safety message directly to the vessel anchoring near or within the cable field.

Through this solution NYPA expects to save considerable cost and prevent environmental damage.

“This new system enables NYPA to provide an enhanced level of protection to help eliminate anchor strikes and the resulting environmental impact.”

Robert J. Schwabe
Director – Asset and Maintenance Management
New York Power Authority

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Guarding towed streamers

Moving oceanographic cables | Global

CGG creates a detailed map of the ocean floor using survey vessels that tow an array of cables in the water covering 10 square km at a given time.

Ships and other marine vessels had no way of avoiding the cables because they couldn’t see them – they were underwater and up to 5 km behind the towing vessel.

Using a Vesper Marine solution, CGG broadcasts the perimeter of the towed cables from the survey vessel. All ships and vessels within 20 nautical miles are able to see the footprint and avoid collisions and therefore damage to equipment and vessels.

“By implementing Vesper Marine technology, CGG has been able to improve the safety of its oceanic geological and geophysical survey efforts, both for its crew and equipment as well as for surrounding shipping.”

Matthieu Champenois
Field Support Engineer – Navigation & Positioning Department


Eliminating near-miss events

Offshore LNG platforms and pipes | Cameroon, Africa

With regular near miss incidents by some of the many vessels operating in and around Perenco’s LNG platforms, the Mooring Master sought a solution that would prevent risk of damage and increase safety. One near miss was caused by human error. A tanker was forced to avoid severing a pipeline between the platform and storage unit by releasing their anchor chain.

Since implementing a Vesper Marine solution over five years ago, there have been no incidents.

“After using this service, I cannot imagine working offshore without it.”

Jean-Noël Saillard
Mooring Master

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