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Guardian Asset Protection

Prevent accidental damage by marine vessels to your surface and subsea assets.

Send automated messages to vessels on their nav systems to take corrective action.

Proactive protection

Highly valuable marine assets are at risk from increasing shipping activity. Accidents can result in significant expense, risk to human life and damage to the environment. Protecting these assets has historically been difficult because they are often located underwater where vessels can't see them.

Until now.

Guardian:protect is a 24/7 asset protection system that prevents accidental vessel damage to your marine assets. It gives vessels visibility of your marine assets via their electronic navigation systems, monitors their live positions, evaluates their behavior to determine if they present a risk to your assets and proactively sends both them and you an alert if an incident might occur. The alert goes directly to their electronic navigation system so they can take corrective action.


Long Island Sound

Assets we protect

Oil and Gas

Establish safety zones to protect oil and gas pipelines, subsea equipment and surface platforms


Protect underwater power cables and renewable energy sites from anchors strikes and wayward vessels


Guard underwater telecommunication cables, especially close to shore

Marine Zones

Protect fishing reserves, monitor coastal areas, warn of hazards and exclusion zones


Safe and efficient navigation of ships around natural and manmade hazards near ports.

How it works


Our Clients

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"Anchor strikes will soon be regarded as events from a bygone era.”

Gil C. Quiniones, President and CEO

New York Power Authority

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"After using the product, I cannot imagine working offshore without it.”

Jean-Noël Saillard, Mooring Master

Perenco Oil and Gas

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