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Aids to Navigation

Enhance physical AtoNs with digital AIS marks for ultimate visibility to vessels

Enhanced AtoN visibility

Provide vessels additional safety by digitally marking your AtoN’s on their navigation system

Complete turnkey package

Avoid the complexity of adding AIS to an existing beacon through our integrated beacon and AIS transmitter

Create digital AIS marks

Add up to 3 virtual AIS marks and provide beacon status to remotely monitor AtoN health

Advanced simplicity

Adding AIS functionality to a beacon can be a complex business. The challenge when deploying AIS capability with beacons can be ensuring compatibility and deciding how much information and management control you want in the field.

The simplest option is a complete turnkey package.  This enables easy installation and autonomous operation to ensure passing vessels equipped with AIS can see the status of the beacon as well as up to three additional virtual AIS beacons broadcasting from the single unit.

Remote monitoring and control of the beacon allows easy management and maintenance.

Key Features
  • FCC, CE, and BSH certified

  • Fully compliant with IALA recomendations

  • Type 1 and type 3 AIS transmits AtoN message 21

  • Configure monitoring messages 6 or 8

  • Weather Station reporting on message 8

  • Other messages available on request

  • Monitoring using IALA A-126

  • GPS Sync

  • Programmable Geo-fence alarm

  • Transmission of an alarm message during power failure

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